Copi Cafe

Cornucopias founders Josh Jones and Rob Greig appear in a weekly show to discuss everything going on with the Cornucopias team. Topics covered include partnership announcements, digital asset sale details, roadmap updates, special guests, general industry topics and development leaks. Premiering on YouTube every Friday afternoon, it’s the best place to get all of the latest developments happening in the world of Cornucopias.

DEV UPDATES + Q&A | COPICafe Episode 39 | Cornucopias

Rob and Josh give a huge update on the mobile games development. Josh goes on to explain some exiting news for the racing game. Rob and Josh then expand upon a few other updates relating to Solace. Josh explains how you can find the winning meme from our meme contest and then moves on to answer 3 community questions. Finally, Rob and Josh move on to share some exciting new leaks! Entheos A.

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