The exclusivity of this early access Pre-Alpha testing lies in the ownership of any Vehicle, Land, or Custom Dome NFT. These digital assets, cherished for their scarcity and uniqueness, serve as the golden ticket for participants. Cornucopias’ dedication to valuing its community and rewarding NFT holders with access to this early access test phase is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity and appreciation of their supporters.

Who can play?

Qualifying game assets (NFTs)

We're introducing access in stages, and eligibility is determined by the ownership of in-game assets (NFTs). As our infrastructure advances, we continually update the list of qualifying assets. To check if you qualify for early access please refer to the list provided below.

  • Any Vehicle Rarity

    • Bubblejett Sprinter 2022
    • Bubblejett Sprinter OG Custom 2022
    • GTi Javelin 2022
    • Valley Raceworx T3 2023
    • Bubblejett Bonanza OG Custom 2023
  • Any Land Rarity

    • Land Deeds
    • Custom Domes
Sunset In Solace

Supported GPUs

At present, our game experience is optimized for a specific list of GPUs, selected to provide users with the best possible experience. Rest assured, as we continue to refine and optimize the game, we plan to expand the range of supported graphics cards. To find the current list of GPUs that are compatible with the game, please refer to the following link: Supported GPUs. Keep an eye on updates as we work towards ensuring an inclusive and exceptional gaming experience for a broader audience in the near future!

Calido Valley Yellow Track

How to get the game?

  1. Create a player account. Click here to register
  2. Link a wallet containing your game assets.
  3. Wait for roles to update, this can take up to 15 minutes. After this time if they have not updated you can manually update them. To do this navigate to your player settings and click the refresh button.
  4. The game launcher download button will appear in the header (you may need to refresh the page).
  5. This button will only appear on a computer running Windows.
  6. Download and install the launcher.
  7. Open the launcher and login.
  8. The play button will not be available immediately, first the launcher will report your PC specs. If you meet the current criteria above you will be granted a new role which will give you game access. Remember you can trigger the role update manually on the website in your player settings. If you have a role called "Mythic Access", "Legendary Access", "Rare Access", "Uncommon Access" or "Common Access" you will have access to the game.
  9. Click install when the button is available, select a location and wait for the game to download.
  10. Click Play.
  11. Enjoy.
Calido Valley Entrance At Night
If you encounter any issues, please have a look at our FAQ. If you are still experiencing issues we highly recommend joining our Discord server where you can get help. Click here to join Discord.