Cover Image for Day 3: Cornucopians score another record-breaking land sale!

Day 3: Cornucopians score another record-breaking land sale!

Cornucopias Cardano Metaverse Land Mint Day 3 of 5 post sale update


Day 3 of Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse land sale was another record-breaking accomplishment, not only for the Cornucopias community but also for the entire Cardano community. In the words of Cornucopias’ founders:

“Early adopters on Cardano and Cornucopias stand at the forefront of the next generation of blockchain and gaming technology. It is an absolute honor to be developing on this global stage.”

Day 3 of Cornucopias' land sale neatly followed suit with the first two days. From 2 pm UTC to 9 pm UTC,  Cornucopians from 159 countries successfully minted through the project’s entire supply of “Large” NFT land deeds! These NFTs will be redeemable for Large District land plots in the first 3 Zones of Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse.

The Cornucopias Team is incredibly excited to see how days 4 & 5 of the land sale go! The final two days of our land mint will feature an extremely limited inventory of the most spacious plots in Cornucopias' Cardano metaverse. Only the speediest, most focused Cornucopians will be able to score Cornucopias' most desirable land plots!

Are you one of the founding land owners of Cornucopias Cardano metaverse? Congratulations! The Large NFT land deed in your wallet makes you an official and premiere resident of the most exciting and aspiring metaverse project on the Cardano blockchain!

Thanks to you, the Cornucopias Team can continue to define a new standard of excellence for NFT mints across the Cardano ecosystem! 

Stats for Day 3 of Cornucopias' Land Sale:

In another sweeping display of record-breaking demand for Cornucopias cNFTs, Large sized cNFT land plots for every tier of the Cornucopias community sold out within seconds! Cornucopias’ Large land plot sale was scheduled to last for several hours throughout the day; however, when all was said and done, the combined sell-out time for all four tiers was less than 60 seconds!

That’s nothing short of amazing.

Sales of Cornucopias’ CNFTs remain more robust than ever on secondary marketplaces, with over 2 million ADA worth of trading volume at the time of this writing! Day 3's stats breakdown is as follows:


Tier 1

1,100 People connected

3.97% dB load

Sold out in 9.8700876


3,500 People connected

30% dB load

Sold out in 15.0678455


2,700 People connected

15% dB load

Sold out in 16.6637057


2,400 People connected

12% dB load

Sold out in 17.1809707

Total sell out in: 58.7826095

1.4 million Marketplace notifications sent out.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped make the first half of the Cornucopias Cardano metaverse land sale an astronomical success!

Additionally, the decision to mint NFTs after the last tier sale of that day was made by Cornucopias' founders. This decision was made in an effort to help ensure a more enjoyable and fair experience for anyone looking to sell their CNFTs on the secondary markets.

You can read the founders' full letter to the community on the major announcements channel on  Cornucopias’ Official Discord server.

Don’t forget that Cornucopias land plot CNFTs are loaded with rewards & utility features!

The Cornucopias team would like to offer another gentle reminder for everyone participating in Cornucopias’ multi-day land sale: owning a land plot from Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse comes with a dual-helping of rewards and utility features!

Regardless of the size of your plot, all Cornucopian land owners will be entitled to staking and airdrop rewards! Some of which include, but are not limited to the following:


- Airdrops

- Staking for game supplies

- Staking for COPI tokens 

- Discord land owners role providing future sales access


- Earn in-game tokens by working your land

- Be the landlord and collect rental income

Please consider all of these rewards and perks with your newly minted land plots! This is the only “themed zone” land sale this year! So it’s your only chance for 2022 to acquire an NFT land deed that will allow you to build property and become a landlord in the zone of Fortune. Or create a workshop so you can provide services for Cornucopians adventuring through the landscapes of Esperanza!

Perhaps you’d rather just build a massive property in the zone of Solace so you can sit back and watch your staking rewards and airdrops collect! Regardless of what you plan to do with your chunk of digital soil in Cornucopia’s Cardano metaverse, today’s mint marks yet another stellar entry in Cornucopias’ first land sale!

Only 2 Days left to mint the two largest and scarcest of Cornucopias’ land plot CNFTs

Cornucopias' first land sale will conclude on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022. That means that there are only two days left to claim a plot of land in Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse. If you’re a little late to the party that’s okay: we’ve saved the best for last! The remaining land plots are not only the largest available in Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse, but they are also the scarcest and therefore the most valuable NFTs left to mint.

Even when you combine the NFT supply, there are less than 3k Epic and Copias land plots in Sectors 1 - 3 available to purchase & mint for 2022! While you still might be able to acquire a Legendary or Mythic land plot, you’d better make sure to act quickly as they will surely sell out faster than the previous plots!

If you want to know how to participate in Cornucopias’ remaining land sales, please be sure to join our Discord community and review the announcements provided by Cornucopias’ NFT Manager and community head-honcho, [AR] Indiana Jones#1587. You can also find video tutorials on Cornucopias.io

Final Note:

The 3rd day of Cornucopias' historic land sale began with an AMA on the metaverse project’s official Discord server. The COPIWatch Team would like to end today’s update with the thoughts expressed by Josh Jones, CEO of Cornucopias, during the AMA: 

“Cornucopians, look at what we’ve created. Look at the team we’ve built. Look at the way we’ve structured things. We’ve got a mobile testing game, we’re positioned to grow to scale, and we’ve built what is probably the best NFT tech on Cardano. The Cornucopias Cardano metaverse project and our community are doing some pretty remarkable things.

So, everyone, we’re so incredibly excited right now! We’re doxxed, and we have an amazing team. We’re releasing quality content and we’re communicating with the community regularly. Rob and I were in Discord all day yesterday talking to the community.

This community is incredibly positive and powerful.

We’re really grateful for the Cornucopias Community, all of you.

We’re pioneers in the Cardano ecosystem, and we’re just getting started!”

Good luck during tomorrow's mint and thanks for reading…