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COPIWiki: Part of the Disruption Tool-Kit

Enabling Disruption

Remember the fax machine? 

Most people my age have never even used one. Do you still call a taxi firm to book your ride or do you simply open your Uber app? When was the last time you wrote a bank cheque or dialed up the Internet?

Things change pretty fast, and standard practice is now yesterday’s news. Netflix has replaced the video store. Airbnb challenges the hotel sector. Amazon has changed the retail landscape.

And Wikipedia rattles libraries.

Societal Disruption

Each of these is an example of 'Disruption'. This term was coined by Larry Downes and describes the concept as 'major marketplace changes or sector transformation following the application of technology.

We are so used to these companies and practices, that it feels as though we have always used them. This isn't the case, however, and innovation does not occur overnight.

Take Amazon for example. Would it surprise you to know that it was founded in 1994? Or that Netflix began in '97? Airbnb started in '08.

Practices we employ every day and are habitual within society were actually founded years before they ascended into the mainstream. Moreover, it's reasonable to assume that more epic industry disruptions are happening right under our noses.

There is, however, one institution that has so far been relatively immune to disruption: the banking system. Banking - unchanged and out of date - is the old champion of the finance world.

Cryptocurrencies render intermediary banks redundant.

However, this institution is finally being challenged by a new formidable contender in the form of cryptocurrency. Crypto provides an electronic peer-to-peer cash system that renders intermediary banks redundant. Cash and cheques are soon to become unnecessary and redundant, banks becoming simply buildings stocked with paper. Founded in 2009, Bitcoin has created a technology that heralds disintermediation, personal control, portable data, and transparent records. Foresight tells us this will create a disruption of the banking paradigm.

Gaming Disruption

The gaming industry is beloved by billions of people across the world and has always experienced its fair share of disruption. We saw this when early arcade machines were replaced by the Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, and now VR.

This process continues today.

Through a marriage of blockchain and gaming, another disruption is on the horizon. Games such as Cornucopias, have the vision to bring freedom, power, autonomy, and new economics to the players themselves. The ambition is to create a cutting-edge metaverse experience through immersive gameplay, an exciting story, exceptional artwork, and innovative economics. For the first time, players can own, buy and sell NFTs and in-game assets which enrich the player experience of the game.

These are big ideas, even for digital natives. Indeed, these changes are paradigm-shifting and sometimes difficult to understand. Yet the brand new technology has always presented this problem. Could you describe TikTok to someone in their 90's?
So how can we help big ideas spread to the masses?


In 1962 Everett Rogers published a book entitled “Diffusion of Innovations.” In it, he explored the increased or decreased likelihood of product adoption. ‘Diffusion’ describes how a product gains momentum and spreads or ‘diffuses’ through society.

Rogers proposed five stages of how such change occurs:

Those following the Cornucopias Project appear to sit somewhere between Innovators and Early Adopters. However, Early Adopters make up only 13.5% of all adopters, with Innovators just 2%.

What tools can we deploy to help the remaining adopters navigate this landscape? 

The answer is COPIWiki.

The COPIWiki

COPIWiki is a robust platform that aims to inform readers and make complex subjects more easily understandable. This is for the readers who want to know the facts of Cornucopias, whether you have been part of the Cornucopias' journey from the start and are a keen innovator, or you are a newcomer who has never heard of an NFT.

The information is structured and compartmentalized into relevant categories, with each page specific to one aspect of the game. It begins with an Overview section, developing into Core Gameplay Features, and ultimately leads towards information about Blockchain.

The Overview section introduces readers to Cornucopias, the company vision, and the Metaverse we are aiming to create. Here, information is provided on complex subjects such as Play-to-Earn, Build-to-Earn, Learn-to-Earn, Stake-to-Earn, and Host-to-Earn. Furthermore, pages are dedicated to our community which aims to provide insight into our social outreach and engagement.

Gameplay will be a huge part of the Cornucopias Metaverse, including the PC Game and Mobile Games. Core gameplay mechanics will be discussed which gives the gamer an understanding of what kind of experience is being created. This includes game features such as; the Home Bubble, Themed Zones, Guilds, Crafting, Mini-games, and more.

In addition, in-game economics will be an essential part of Cornucopias and the key aspect around which the Build-to-Earn element revolves. Players will gain insight into the resources which will be used within the game and the supply chains they employ, to help understand how to extract value from Cornucopias.


Information will be provided on existing NFTs, including Bubblejetts, GTI Javelins, and most recently Land. The COPIWiki is the platform to help players understand the use cases of NFTs and how they link to the greater Metaverse.

It’s important to note that the COPIWiki is a living document that will perpetually develop. As new game ideas emerge they will be integrated. By that token, existing ideas have the potential to change or evolve, and the information you read in COPIWiki may differ in the months to come. That is not to say that the information is not valuable and accurate. Ultimately, this is all about information that aims to guide potential adopters into the future.

Disruption is inevitable.

Thus, the COPIWiki is an important, informative tool we are giving to our community to stay ahead of the curve. The game release is imminent and as things heat up, the COPIWiki will continue to be an invaluable tool and a link to all things Cornucopias.

Final Note:

The COPIWatch team would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Jake Billing for his contribution to the publication!

Thank you for reading…