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Cornucopias Partners with European Business University of Luxembourg

Partnership to Focus on Gamification of Education and Learn to Earn Systems

Cornucopias announced a new partnership with The European Business University of Luxembourg. This partnership will benefit both parties as we mutually explore opportunities to facilitate sustainable financial incentives in a gamified educational environment.

We appreciate the forward thinking coming from EBU.  The rapid pace of innovation in technology, especially blockchain, has created an entirely new financial world to navigate and the educational systems can’t keep up.  We love the idea of bringing educational resources into Cornucopias, and since EBU is open to creative educational approaches it makes the perfect partnership to try innovative solutions. - Josh Jones, Cornucopias Co-Founder

EBU firmly believes that gamification of education, as affirmed by peer research, enhances student levels of engagement and thereby optimizes learning. By engaging Cornucopias’ game elements in the EBU educational environment, we can bring to our 5000 students differentiation and collaborative learning, through socialization, to an exciting new level. - The European Business University 

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Collaboration regarding sustainably gamifying education in a digital environment.

  •  Facilitating financial incentives for education in marginalized and underserved global communities.
    • Demonstrating the growing applicability of blockchain and emerging digital technologies as a positive force for social good.

    With an intense focus on leveraging the metaverse to reward active participants, Cornucopias benefits immensely from partnering with the EBU. Their dedicated focus on providing educational opportunities to marginalized communities intersects seamlessly with Cornucopias’ learn-to-earn and play-to-earn model. This opportunity allows Cornucopias to utilize the rich connections of the EBU to facilitate social good for members of the global community most in need.

    The EBU’s mission statement of providing quality education to students in Africa, Asia, and Latin America mesh perfectly with the Cornucopias ethos. Third-party donations significantly help the EBU’s efforts. However, fostering sustainable initiatives helps maximize the value and time frames of these contributions, thereby allowing the EBU to help more individuals faster. The EBU benefits from Cornucopias’ learn-to-earn approach through utilizing their metaverse-based economic model, through which students derive economic benefit from receiving an education. 

    We have only just begun to explore the immense potential benefits found at the intersection of the metaverse and educational initiatives. By forming a partnership, both Cornucopias and the EBU demonstrate the importance of utilizing emerging financial technologies to maximize the impact of existing social good initiatives.

    About Cornucopias:

    Cornucopias offers the public the ability to earn while interacting with virtual, gamified environments. Cornucopias is a blockchain based play-to-earn environment where players can receive financial rewards for their contribution to the virtual world. Cornucopias develops immersive, incentivized virtual environments to accelerate the gamification of education and demonstrate the growing applicability of cutting-edge technologies.  

    About The European Business University of Luxembourg:

    The European Business University (EBU) is a non-profit business school providing scholarships for students in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The EBU maintains a fully supported team of internationally recognized staff to help meet their goals. The EBU is dedicated to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.