Cover Image for Cornucopias’ First NFT Sale Raises ₳1.3 Million In Under 3 1/2 Hours!

Cornucopias’ First NFT Sale Raises ₳1.3 Million In Under 3 1/2 Hours!

The highly anticipated blockchain-based Cornucopias NFT gaming metaverse is overwhelmed by huge demand.


The Cornucopias team has been tirelessly tending to the needs of our community after the Limited Edition, First Edition Bubblejett Sprinter NFT sale. It was an intense, internet-breaking experience.

If you were present, you helped us take a very bold first step into the future of our metaverse.

One thing is clear: we need to seriously beef up our website's architecture to accommodate the unexpected demand. There were two bottlenecks on our databases caused by the massive influx of visitors. Throughout the sale’s duration, our website received 7.2 million API calls!

Without getting too technical, our systems were simply overloaded at the starting gate. Even with real-time adjustments, it took a while to get back up to full speed.

On the bright side, the collective demand for Cornucopias’ NFTs is no longer speculative. It is real, and it will take our metaverse project camping on the beaches of the moon.

Y’all are legendary, and it was a glorious battle!

If you minted a limited First Edition Bubblejett Sprinter take a moment to celebrate your victory. The mint survived waves of scammers and many thousands of people, who crashed the landing page. A direct link to the mint had to be fired off at the last moment. It was an emergency decision that provided a new entry point into the sale within minutes of the landing page crashing.  

The Cornucopias team will more clearly communicate contingency measures, like this one, in the future.

Unfortunately, the new queue system did not work as intended. It appeared to some users that they had lost their place in line. This was caused by the mint’s reporting system slowing down to a crawl. For those who waited, the system caught up with the backlog and began reporting correct positions as it was throttled back up to full speed. We are truly sorry for any FUD this may have caused you and we are working to ensure this is fixed for the next sale.

Thankfully the Derp Birds team kept the mint going. As soon as problems emerged, the Cornucopias & Derp Birds teams, who were on a live call together, were able to troubleshoot and take action. Despite the market frenzy, our systems did not go down, and we did not have to cancel the mint.

By the end of the sale, things were moving along very quickly.

This mint was a stunning success from an NFT sale perspective. It was also a powerful learning experience from a UX point of view. We’ve learned from our mistakes, and we are committed to making the next sale as smooth and painless as possible.

Now let’s focus on why everyone should be ECSTATIC.

Despite the difficult mint, 11,900 Bubblejett Sprinters priced at 120 ADA each were completely sold out. Cornucopias’ first-ever sale raised over 1.3 million ADA in about 3 ½ hours. These funds will be used operationally to increase the already blistering development pace and accelerate the support team’s growth. Increasing the Cornucopias team after a successful first mint will station our metaverse in the public’s consciousness as a project with excellent long-term growth potential. 

Further securing financial stability for your metaverse project is one of the executive team’s main goals. Thanks to this first sale, Cornucopias can continue evolving into the biggest and most innovative blockchain gaming studio of 2022 and beyond.

Additionally, the whole mint was eco-friendly for the Cardano network. To reiterate, despite the onslaught of people trying to mint at the same time, our system did not crash. At the peak of the sale, we were processing ~3,100 simultaneous transactions on only 10 Cardano nodes– this is a breakthrough in blockchain technology.

These things alone are reasons to celebrate!

Secondary marketplaces are aping into Cornucopias’ NFTs.

Minutes after the mint, First Edition Bubblejett Sprinters were listed and started selling for fabulous amounts of ADA on secondary marketplaces. Some Legendary models have been confirmed as selling for ~5x times their original price. Mythic models (on average) are performing ~40x-45x returns. One Mythic Bubblejett Sprinter model produced a jaw-dropping ~83.3x return.

Disclaimer: this is not investment advice, nor should it be understood as such. These are extremely bullish developments coming out of Cornucopias’ first mint. This information indicates that there is a real demand for our metaverse’s gaming assets.

As of March 2022 Cornucopias’ metaverse project in the TOP 25 All-time Leaderboard of Cardano NFT sales on opencnft.io. Cornucopias’ NFTs have a 7-day trading volume of 1.5 Million ADA. 

As more details are confirmed about the Bubblejett Sprinter’s in-game utility and its role in the story of Cornucopias’ metaverse, its aftermarket desirability is expected to increase. Cornucopias is a blockchain gaming studio with incredible ambitions that are now all the more tangible thanks to the additional funding our team is securing through NFT sales.

In the months to come, Cornucopias will be growing by leaps and bounds. It won’t be much longer before gamers around the world hear about our innovative play-to-earn, build-to-earn, and learn-to-earn mechanics. Someday there could be hundreds of millions of players from around the globe populating our metaverse.  

They will be able to purchase later edition Bubblejetts, but there will never be another model like the Limited Edition, First Edition Bubblejett Sprinter. It is the first of its kind and truly one-of-a-kind. 

If you’re a gamer or NFT collector and you have one of the limited First Edition Bubblejett Sprinters, keep it close. It will provide you with more in-game utility than you can imagine when the full game is released.

If you don’t have a First Edition Bubblejett Sprinter, then hopefully, this article does not cause the floor price on the secondary marketplaces to dramatically increase. Not to worry! We have more transportation NFTs coming very soon, like the GTI Javelin (for the biker fans) and other unique in-game playable assets.

Final Note:

During the Bubblejett Sprinter NFT mint, the Cornucopias community showed the internet what it can really do. As it turns out, that’s the best thing that could have happened to our metaverse project. We learned a whole lot–especially about the true strength, enthusiasm, and determination of the Cornucopias community.

We want to express our most sincere thanks to the community. Thank you for your enthusiasm and epic levels of patience.

To those of you who participated in the mint despite the initial hiccups, you are the true LEGENDS. You are the MYTHIC diamond handers and HODLers who destroy FUD and make projects like ours succeed.   

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Thanks for reading…