Cover Image for Cornucopias metaverse game chooses community over profits: opts to give away gaming NFTs worth ~₳1 million total

Cornucopias metaverse game chooses community over profits: opts to give away gaming NFTs worth ~₳1 million total


Due to another highly anticipated yet rocky mint, this is the only logical next step


Cornucopias' second mint saw an incredible influx of participants! However, sometimes too much of a good thing absolutely breaks the internet. Despite what we did to prepare for the sale, this NFT mint was challenged by a whole new set of problems that we could not possibly have foreseen. As a consequence, we were caught off guard.

Pulling off a successful NFT sale is a very different endeavor than building an incredible game. Granted, building a game still depends heavily on creativity, talented developers, artists, storytellers, and game mechanics, but it is not a new concept.

On the other hand, building an NFT delivery system in a nascent blockchain ecosystem is a brand new and completely different monster. The Cornucopias development team built the queue system as a workaround to offset the congestion on Cardano. Our intention was to make minting NFTs for a very large audience as smooth as possible. It obviously yielded the opposite result and we are currently investigating the root of the problem.

The Cornucopias Team and our technology partners, Derp Birds, worked intensely throughout the mint to resolve new challenges as they arose in real-time. Unfortunately, our troubleshooting efforts kept everyone waiting in the queue. We value your time and did not intend to waste it during our second NFT sale. As it became more evident that we were not going to problem-solve in a timely manner, we decided to forgo the mint.

We know that many individuals even took time off work to be present for this mint. We want to take this disappointing experience and flip it into a better outcome for you, our community.

It's our job to make things right.

The Cornucopias community is the backbone of everything our metaverse project is doing. All of the things we've accomplished so far are only because of this community's resilience and support. We've decided to gift a FREE NFT to everyone who was in the queue for the sale but was unable to mint. If this was your experience, you will receive a free GTI Javelin from the Cornucopias team.

You read that right.

If you devoted your time to our March 15th NFT sale and ended up waiting for longer than you should have, you will not be walking away empty-handed. That is how much we value your presence in and patronage of the Cornucopias metaverse game.

In order to get free GTI Javelins to everyone who qualifies for one, we have to increase the number of NFTs minted to match the number of people who were in the queue.

That means that roughly 12,400 wallets will receive a free GTI Javelin. Your NFT will be automatically delivered to the wallet you used during the sale. You do not have to take any action. You do not have to worry about disconnecting from the queue. All addresses that were in the queue have been stored in our database.

Five lucky people were able to mint, and they will get a full refund of the 95 ADA purchase price.

Retaining the trust and support of our community is a crucial goal for our project as we build what is clearly turning out to be an ambitious blockchain gaming metaverse. That is why we have chosen to effectively give away NFTs with a total minting value of almost ₳1 million. It is more important to the Cornucopias team to ensure that we do what is right by our community than to focus solely on funding for the project.

Without our community, there is no Cornucopias metaverse.

What comes next?

Taking the first steps into something new and untested is always challenging. Two rough back-to-back mints of this quality would have killed other projects - but Cornucopias is different because we are powered by a community who are as kind and understanding as you are supportive.

We draw strength from our community - you are patient, loving, and visionary. You truly believe in what this metaverse project, your metaverse project, can and will become. Together we are pioneering the future of gaming.

These are big moves. There are going to be missteps.

There are going to be seemingly unconquerable challenges and things could get messy.

But at the end of the day, this is where crypto meets gaming. This is what creating the future of decentralized finance and defining its role in blockchain-based gaming looks like. It is a difficult process, but we are stepping into a bright new future together. We are building something that has never really been seen before that is going to help set the trend for future blockchain gaming studios.

Cornucopias NFTs will have MANY in-game uses. The Cornucopias team is not in the business of selling NFTs just for the sake of it. We are building a gaming metaverse where NFTs like the Bubblejett Sprinter and GTI Javelin will be insanely useful, playable gaming assets that will greatly enhance your immersion in the game. The GTI Javelin and the Bubblejett will be usable in alpha testing when the time comes. 

In future installments, COPIWatch will bring you detailed reports about the use cases and utility of Cornucopias' gaming NFTs, as well as news about alpha testing, exciting new partnerships, and other projects that we currently have in development.

Final Note:

For now, the main priority of the Cornucopias team is to get the GTI Javelin NFTs distributed to the wallet addresses on our database. COPIWatch will keep you updated with more details on this process as soon as they become available. Thank you once again for your patience, understanding, and willingness to take these brave new steps into the future of gaming with us.

Thanks for reading…