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Cornucopias SPO is Now Live!

We are approaching the alpha testing phases of our gameplay and will soon unveil the massive zones of Solace, Esperanza, and Fortune to our community. In our tokenomics paper, we discussed how the COPI token will play a central role as the utility token that fuels the player-driven economy in the Cornucopias universe. As we unveil the massive world of Cornucopias to our community, we anticipate that the size of the early versions of our game will make people realize how massive our in-game economy could be. Even before it has been seen, many of our community members have believed in us and in our vision, so we want to give them more opportunities to get their hands on COPI token. 

What is a Stake Pool Offering?

We are launching the COPI token SPO (Stake Pool Offering) on Cardano. All COPI token SPO pools will be set at a 99.99% margin in exchange for 105% COPI token rewards. Rather than setting a stable ADA/COPI reward pair for the entire timeframe of the offering (like many SPOs have done in the past), we will be adjusting the reward to reflect a 6-epoch (roughly 30 days) moving average after every epoch on the ADA/COPI pair. Rewards will be claimable through DripDropz. At the close of our SPO (when all COPI has been distributed), the margin will change from the 99.99% to the standard 5% where delegators will then start receiving ADA rewards. As always, be aware of scammers and malicious actors. Be sure to validate all stake pool information with official Cornucopias written announcements. 

Additional Rewards

Additionally, COPI rewards will also be accessible to those participating in DripDropz's proof of liquidity program. To engage, you simply need to supply liquidity in the form of COPI/ADA to one of the designated decentralized exchanges (DEXs) – specifically Minswap, Wingriders, or Vyfi. Upon doing so, the resulting LP tokens will reside in your wallet. You will then earn rewards based on the value of these LP tokens relative to the total COPI/ADA liquidity present on these DEXs. It's important to note that this is entirely optional, and you may choose to keep your ADA delegated in the SPO. However, if the SPO pool reaches full capacity, providing liquidity to the DEX with the COPI/ADA pair presents an alternative opportunity to accumulate additional COPI rewards. Rewards are variable and will fluctuate depending on the number of participants.  Please wait to take action until we provide further details.  

  1. Land Staking - for those that are currently participating in our land staking program, rewards for land staking will be paid from either our SPO pool or the current non SPO pool, so it is your choice how to handle those.  If you wish to participate in the SPO however, you must have your ada wallet staked to our new SPO pool.  (ID to be provided ASAP upon pool creation)
  2. COPI rewards are based upon ADA rewards paid by Cardano for securing the Cardano blockchain.  The rewards will be claimable on Dripdropz on the same schedule as when the ada rewards are claimable (in a regular stake pool, there is a two epoch gap).  A 5% COPI bonus (5% of COPI due will be added to your total) will be included in the rewards claimable on DripDropz platform.
  3. It is paramount that you claim your rewards at least once per month on the DripDropz website.  If you do not claim your COPI rewards as such, they will be lost.  Active participation in the program is beneficial to Cardano, Cornucopias, and DripDropz, so thank you for understanding!

SPO Information

We always recommend searching using the pool id as opposed to ticker to avoid possible scams.

Pool ID: 0836ac65915682ad8c7c138a61f354e31711f92f1b53442cd4a89b0b
BECH 32 Pool ID: pool1pqm2cev326p2mrruzw9xru65uvt3r7f0rdf5gtx54zdskxqhmur
Margin/Fee: 99.99%
Rewards: COPI (claimed through DripDropz)

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