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Is the Future of Entrepreneurship bubbling in the Cornucopias Metaverse?

Guest writer: Dominic Levien

The Macro Perspective

It's July of 2022, and one of these times in the never-ending cycles of earthly happenings where there seems to be more negative news than positive, which is why I'm incredibly excited about the inspiring developments at Cornucopias.

The world is changing at an accelerated pace, and the work environment is changing along with it. We need more income solutions that free us from physical spaces that are flexible, creative, and fun.

The creative and fun part is not just a phrase but essential. Life is too short, and I believe that the goal should be happiness, fulfillment, connection, fun, meaning, and whatever makes life worth living for you. Life should be much more than working, eating, sleeping, paying taxes, and dying.

It begins at school with a strict curriculum, and students sorted by age instead of skill and curiosity. Educational topics should be flexible and grow with our widening horizons and interests.

In college and university, we are taught to be good at one thing, get a certificate, stop learning and pursue a predefined career. Too often, this leads to a "mid-life crisis" or pensioners without much of a clue what to do with their newfound time.

Unfortunately, it will get worse for many of us before it gets better because many of the jobs we studied so hard for are becoming obsolete. AI can do these jobs more efficiently and accurately at a fraction of the cost and without needing a bathroom break or holidays.

I know that doesn't sound like an uplifting intro to an uplifting article, but can you see the enormous potential in all of this? Imagine being liberated from mindless, repetitive, soul-crushing Jobs in dull corporate settings!

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Harnessing the power of these new technologies and embracing the freedom they offer is a massive opportunity for us to lead a completely different life!

Cornucopias themed zone land

Getting back to being optimistic and excited

The world of Defi, Crypto, and Web3 is a melting pot of new ideas, and the team at Cornucopias is paving the way with innovation upon innovation, mixing ever more ingredients into their cauldron of solutions. They are cooking up a melange of creativity, multiple income possibilities, borderless communities, flexible learning experiences, beautiful artwork, and simple, pure fun — all in one stunning Metaverse!

They recently hosted their first virtual land sale, which sold out in seconds! And in Cornucopias, the land is not just a flat bit of digital real estate. It has beautiful UE5 graphics and essential in-game utilities and will be an integral part of a community-driven gaming experience.

Next up on the NFT roadmap is the Custom Domes, and boy, is that exciting!

Let me tell you why!

The Cornucopias Metaverse will be home to a myriad of ecoverses. You will find virtual spaces (called zones) purely for playing, adventuring, hunting, and gathering; there will be zones for building, creating, learning, and coming together. This diversity will create economies and opportunities for trade and modern entrepreneurship for thousands and potentially millions of people within the game. As you might already know, these zones exist within transparent bubbles called Domes floating in the clouds, and the aesthetics are gorgeous.

In this article, you will learn about a free-to-play NFT called the Home Bubble, the Custom Domes NFTs that will be coming up for sale very soon, and you will get a sneak peek into the possibilities of the Custom Domes and why they are so exciting.

Home Bubble Deck Card from the Cornucopias CopiWiki

Every player participating in the Cornucopias Metaverse will automatically own their Home Bubble, a single transparent bubble resting atop a futuristic, conical metal structure floating in the clouds. In the bubble, there is an island surrounded by water. The player can design the interior of their bubble however they want. To start with, you will have two trees and a hammock.

Within your Home Bubble is space to build a house with a garage and a garden. In the house, players can place furniture and art objects, and in the garage, they can show off their vehicles.

Furniture and vehicles are all unique player-owned NFT resources that can be traded between players and sold on any NFT marketplace they are listed. Building materials for the house will be acquired by fulfilling gamified tasks within the vast Metaverse, hunting, gathering, or simply buying resources and finally crafting your desired object. This Home Bubble is the starting point for all players, a place to showcase your NFTs and your creativity, and a place to invite friends over and have a fireside chat after a long day.

An In-game screenshot of a house within the Home Bubble also from the CopiWiki

Now, this is where it starts to get complex but exciting from an entrepreneurial point of view.

The Custom Domes will be large floating spaces, similar to the Themed Zones' more significantly large floating landscapes, only that these domes will be privately owned. When you purchase a Custom Dome, it is empty and will come with an extensive catalog of themes and pre-designed elements to create something unique without needing to code.

The in-game mechanics of Cornucopias will probably be programmed so that as part of fulfilling quests, players will be sent to Custom Domes to complete tasks needed to be rewarded with resources, coins, and more. They channel players and, therefore, potential revenue into your Dome where you want them. The options for innovation are endless and Cornucopias is exploring them all.

Is the Future of Entrepreneurship bubbling in the Cornucopias Metaverse?

Custom Dome Deck Card from the CopiWiki

The idea is that a whole ecosystem will grow around designing and building elements for these Custom Domes.

As a virgin owner of a Custom Dome, you can choose from different templates and then pick design elements fitting that theme. You could, for instance, purchase a Custom Dome, choose the Night Club theme, go to the marketplace for interior design elements and create your unique nightclub venue. Within this nightclub, you can place sizeable floor-to-ceiling video screens and stages. You can invite Eminem to perform live at your location and sell the entrance tickets.


You can choose the Education theme and create your own virtual classroom fully equipped with all the materials needed for your particular line of education.

How about Offering online courses in speaking, for instance. Participants can get on stage and practice in a safe environment with their classmates. You could even make a deal with a Custom Dome Nightclub and send your students to perform for their party guests.

Or you could offer a permaculture course (self-sustainable ecosystems) where you create virtual landscapes that are fully interactable and show the progress of a permaculture system fast-forwarded through time. Your students can walk around a swale, plant a tree, and understand visually in 3D how the hidden fungal network between the roots works.


If you are the owner of an exclusive “Mega” Custom Dome you can build the best racing track in the whole Metaverse — one where even Anakin Skywalker would want to race — and hold racing events that attract thousands at a time. Think Ready Player One.

I imagine you could even open a gamified mall where the products you buy get delivered the next day to your door!

Basically, your imagination is the limit.

The following themes are currently planned, with many more to join the list as the game progresses.

  • Nightclub
  • Theater
  • Festival
  • NFT Art Gallery
  • Global Expo Event
  • Business Meeting Venue
  • Educational Center

Test PVP arena

Apparently, there will also be player-hosted PVP arena themes and the possibility of creating company headquarters.

These domes will implement cutting-edge technology that is still unimaginable for most of the world's population. Here is a taste.


Motion capture

Size your event

Green screen

Ticket sales and merchandise (ok, this is not new, but it's very cool anyway)

I won't even mention that it's all being built on the ultra-modern Cardano BlockChain

  • UE5: Unreal Engine 5

All video game players know what UE5 is, but just in case you don't, it is a graphics engine (a piece of software) that can create the most stunning 3D gaming environments to date. Just search YouTube for UE5, and you will see what I mean. Your imagination is the limit to what visuals you can create, from photorealistic cities to magical fantasy landscapes. This technology is changing how we experience the virtual world, and Cornucopias is being built with it.

  • Motion Capture

When Eminem performs in your nightclub, you can set him up with a Motion Capture rig, and his performance in your virtual world will be live. Every movement and even facial mimic can be perfectly reproduced on stage in 3D for your audience.

  • Size your Event

Are you an exclusive 10-person gig, or do you expect thousands to be using your Dome simultaneously? Cornucopias has you covered. With tiered plans and synchronized servers, it will be easy to scale up or down to the perfect size for your virtual event.

  • Green Screen

Are you going old school and want to stream directly from your living room? Pop up a green screen in seconds, and the Unreal Engine technology will fill in the background seamlessly. So your class on Permaculture looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

  • Ticket sales and merchandise

Last but not least, Cornucopias will offer its platform for you to sell your tickets and even your merchandise.

The possibilities within this Metaverse world are almost impossible to fathom. Almost any economic activity in the real world can be created within the Metaverse, plus the freedom to scale with ease and harness the power of limitless creativity and gamification while overcoming the limitations of some of the more mundane laws of physics, like gravity or the time needed to travel from place A to B in the real world.

Mega Dome GTI Javelin racing

Before you go:

A Sneak Peak at The Custom Mega Dome

To top it all, a Custom City Dome is being created for massive events and unique world-building. Here you can host e-sports events, live festivals, Massive Multiplayer Games, and, in theory, absolutely anything you want to create. If your imagination is holding out on you, here are two things I would like to see realized in a Custom Domes.

  1. In a previous article on Cornucopias, I stated that dragon mounts are the only thing missing in Cornucopias". Well, perhaps the Custom Domes could even remedy this. Imagine a group of developers and designers got together and created a Dome where upon entering, your character would morph into a fantasy figure; you could walk to the stables, mount your dragon and fly to a virtual Comic Con within the Cornucopias Metaverse! You could charge a small entry fee like any Comic Con. The characters and mounts would be tradable and configurable NFTs, and within the custom fantasy Dome, there would be adventures and quests to be discovered and achievements to unlock that would reflect back into the larger ecoverse of the Cornucopias Metaverse. Does that sound like a fun way to earn an income?
  2. Imagine this. Your Custom Dome is a cross-chain portal into all the other Metaverse projects out there!!
  3. Imagine you could program a Metaverse transfer service.

    In the future, millions, if not billions, of people will have characters in multiple Metaverses, and they will want to easily get from one to the other. Imagine a player in the Cornucopias Metaverse intends to visit the Sandbox Metaverse. They fly with a Bubble Jet or public transport to your Custom Dome, pay an entry fee, and are now in a massive, colorful futuristic airport/spaceport with shopping malls, galleries, and gates. 

    Each gate is a portal/wormhole to another Metaverse!! Upon entering the gate, your character is automatically transformed into the character you last saved in the Metaverse you are traveling to. While passing through your central Portal Hub on their way from one Metaverse to another, they can stroll through the shopping mall and buy a t-shirt souvenir, meet a friend in the nightclub in the Custom Dome next door, or what about a quick game of capture the flag in the PVP Arena?!

    Ahhhh, this is all getting too creative to be true, but could it be the future? And does Cornucopias have a chance of being a part of this future?

    I think so, very much so. Actually, I believe they are pioneering this future.


    The creators at Cornucopias imagine a frictionless, customizable, massive decentralized ecosystem within the Metaverse.

    They imagine designers, architects, developers, and hobbyists creating NFT assets and selling them on a decentralized marketplace so players and businesses alike can use them within their Custom Domes and Home Bubbles.

    They imagine educators bringing people together from around the world and teaching in a modern, flexible digital classroom for whoever, from wherever, whenever they want.

    They imagine international corporations building virtual meeting rooms and hosting internal company events.

    In a nutshell, Cornucopias wants to disrupt the status quo. They want to host a decentralized, creative, positive, empowering future shared by millions of people from all cultures and backgrounds. How not to be inspired by their intention to combine philanthropy, education, sources of income, and frivolous fun!

    In the title of this article, I ask the question, is this the future of entrepreneurship? Well, what do you think? Suppose you can make a successful career out of education, game