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Pre-Alpha FAQ

Welcome to the Pre-Alpha FAQ for Cornucopias! Here, we've compiled essential information to guide you through the testing phase. If you're looking to understand the ins and outs of the pre-alpha experience, you're in the right place. Discover solutions to common issues, learn how to report bugs effectively, and find assistance for any challenges you might encounter. Whether it's missing assets, access problems, or technical inquiries, we've got you covered. Dive into the details below and let the adventure unfold seamlessly.

How do I get access to the game?


Access to the pre-alpha is currently limited. To get access to the game you currently need to hold a dome, land or vehicle of any rarity. You also need to have a GPU in the supported card list, see https://copiwiki.cornucopias.io/the-company/technology/game-devices/pc-desktop/public-testing for the full list.  Once you meet these requirements follow the guide below. If you don't meet these requirements, don't worry, we are constantly updating the test group size, so keep checking back.


  • Create an account on https://cornucopias.io/register
  • Link a wallet containing the required NFT. (Dome, land or vehicle of any rarity)
  • Wait for roles to update, this can take up to 15 minutes. After this time if they do not update you can manually update them. To do this navigate to your player settings (https://cornucopias.io/account/settings#roles) and click the sync button. 
  • The game launcher download button will appear in the header (you may need to refresh the page) This button will only appear on a computer running Windows.
  • Download and install the launcher.
  • Open the launcher and login.
  • The launcher will report your PC specs, if you meet the current specs criteria (https://copiwiki.cornucopias.io/the-company/technology/game-devices/pc-desktop/public-testing), the install button will become available. You may need to wait for roles to update. Remember you can trigger the role update manually on the website in your profile settings (https://cornucopias.io/account/settings#roles).
  • Click install when the button is available, select a location and wait for the game to download.
  • Click Play.
  • Enjoy.


For more information see: https://copiwiki.cornucopias.io/the-company/technology/game-devices/pc-desktop/public-testing


I don’t see the launcher download button on my account?


Ensure your linked wallet contains the required NFTs. If you recently added a wallet try syncing you roles manually by going to profile settings (https://cornucopias.io/account/settings#roles). Syncing roles can only be triggered once every 15 minutes. The download button will only appear on devices using Windows.


I have downloaded the launcher, but don’t have access to the game?


When you first open the launcher it will report your PC specs. You will then be assigned a role if 

you have a GPU on the supported card list, ​​https://copiwiki.cornucopias.io/the-company/technology/game-devices/pc-desktop/public-testing, (Mythic access, Legendary access, Rare access this role may take 15 minutes to appear. If it does not show, you can manually sync your roles in your player settings (https://cornucopias.io/account/settings#roles). If you still don’t have access please contact us on Discord.


Some of my assets are missing in-game?


If you are missing assets, head over to your profile settings and check if you need to sync a wallet. This will typically happen with multi address wallets such as Eternl (https://cornucopias.io/account/settings#wallet). We recommend using a single address wallet or setting multi address wallets to single address mode, if applicable.


None of my assets are showing in game and my username is ‘#’?


To correct this, please ensure the game launcher is running. This can be minimized.


Where do I report the bugs?


If you find a bug, open the launcher and click “Report an Issue”. Remember to include as much detail as you can and a screenshot or two. This helps our developers see what is going on.


I don’t have permission to race?


If you can’t race, try closing and reopening the launcher. If this does not resolve the issue, try logging out of the launcher and then back in. If the issue persists please reach out to us.


How do I change the sound levels?


In-game sound settings will be implemented in the future, in the meantime you can open the sound mixer on Windows and adjust the game sound.


Which Windows OS should I use (win10/win11)?


It should not matter. The game will run on either.


Why can’t I log into my player account?


Ensure you have created an account on https://cornucopias.io. Accounts created on https://nft.cornucopias.io/ will not work. If this is not the case, try resetting your password. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us on Discord.


What are the minimum hardware specs to run the game (CPU/GPU/RAM)?


Recommended system specs can be found here: https://copiwiki.cornucopias.io/the-company/technology/game-devices/pc-desktop


Where can I get help?


If you require any additional assistance, head over to our Discord and open a support ticket (https://discord.com/invite/cornucopiasgameofficial).