Cover Image for Thank you, Cornucopians, for selling out the largest NFT land sale on Cardano!

Thank you, Cornucopians, for selling out the largest NFT land sale on Cardano!

Cornucopias Cardano Metaverse Land Mint Final post-sale update

After 5 action-packed days, a truly international force of Cornucopians have easily and quickly scooped-up every single land plot in Cardano’s most community-centered metaverse. From the Small-sized land plots to the massive Copias-sized plots, the entire inventory of 24,000 District Land plots is 100% sold-out.

There will not be another opportunity to mint District Land plots in the Theme Zones until sometime next year. If you missed your chance to participate in this mint, don’t worry! The Cornucopias Team will be back with our next NFT sale before you can say: “wen Custom Domes?”   
Until then, thank you for being on this journey with us, and making Cornucopias’ very first land sale an incredible success! Together, we are passionately building one of the largest and most adventurous endeavors in the collective Cardano metaverse.

The final statistics are in: The Cornucopias Land Sale sets a new record & continues to top the charts!


The grand finale of Cornucopias' land sale left all other days in the dust! Copias land plots, the rarest, largest, and most expensive pieces of land in Cornucopias Cardano metaverse sold out in only 18.82 seconds! After 5 days of minting, the demand for Cornucopias NFTs on secondary markets has continued to keep Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse project at the top of the charts! 

Perhaps you’re in it for the long hold, or maybe you’re looking to enjoy trading on the secondary markets. Either way, there are currently 9392 individual wallets holding Cornucopias’ NFT land deeds. 

Please remember that individuals who hold a Cornucopias NFT land deed will enjoy many rewards, airdrops, and opportunities to become a metaverse tycoon within the game. You can learn more about Cornucopias’ land NFT use cases and rewards on page 23 of our recently published land deck.

That being said, here are the statistics for Day 5 of Cornucopias’ land sale:

Day 5 stats:

1,200 People connected
Sold out in 5.5219810

3,600 People connected
Sold out in 4.9706409

3,000 People connected
Sold out in 4.8561654

1,958 People connected
Sold out in 3.4714822

Total sell out in: 

At just over 5 million ADA worth of trading volume, the Cornucopias land collection continues to top the 24 hr, 7 day, and 30 day charts on Jpeg.store! If you plan on participating in secondary market trading, the COPIWatch team would like to remind everyone that there are FAKE NFTs being sold on the secondary markets. 

Please do not be fooled by these imposters. 

Always be sure to double check policy IDs: 07b39a8ead0ef1e3054e816a3b6910060beaf2210fded63fb90ce137  


Practice your due diligence and make sure that the NFT you’re buying is a legitimate Cornucopias land plot. Please encourage others in the community to do the same. 

Together, we are making Cornucopias’ mints wildly successful and extremely safe for everyone involved! 

Special Announcement

With all the excitement of Cornucopias’ land sale, the COPIWatch Team almost forgot to mention that representatives from the project will be attending Consensus in Austin, Texas from June 9th to June 11th. 

Consensus is the world’s biggest and longest-running crypto festival. This year’s Consensus festival is a showcase and celebration of all that crypto has to offer. It will cover all sides of blockchain, crypto, Web 3 and the metaverse! The Consensus festival is hosted by CoinDesk, which bills itself as “the most influential and trusted platform for the digital world.”

If you plan to attend please come by and say hi! It’ll be a chance to meet some of the project’s founders in person, try out a few early game demos, and talk about crypto, Cardano, and the future of gaming with like-minded people. Oh, and of course there will be tons of leaks and COPI SWAG!  

We’d love to see you there!

Committed to the Community’s Safety & User Experience:

No mint is perfect, and however many solutions the Cornucopias Development Team can implement, there will be just as many bad actors trying to find the holes in our system. It’s human nature: individuals will try to game the system. This is to be expected, and as such, the Cornucopias Development Team would like to address the concerns community members have raised about bots during the mint.

The reality of Cornucopias’ first land sale is that there were many thousands of people competing for a very limited number of land plot NFTs. This monumental demand requires that our development team use the feedback from our community to continually implement improvements for future mints.

Thanks to our NFT marketplace, the Cornucopias Development Team continuously integrates UI updates in order to make each mint smoother and with the highest level of security.

Even though our systems are well protected against users trying to find loopholes, it is an unending game of cat and mouse. As such, the Cornucopias development team was able to implement fresh security guards as the sales progressed and we will continue to find solutions to keep our community and our mints fair, fun to participate in, and above all, secure.

Final Note

We are extremely humbled and very thankful to the Cornucopias community for making the last 5 days of our first land sale a great success. We are very proud to provide our community of crypto enthusiasts and gamers with the tools and resources you will need to construct the Cornucopias metaverse. 

In the end, this project is all about your success.

Cornucopias is a game engineered to foster a spirit of creativity, stir a sense of awe and excitement deep within the player, and open the doors of opportunity to all denizens of the Metaverse. 

Thanks to you, we can build this new world together, and we’re barely getting started! 

Please don't forget to follow us our socials, and be sure to join your favorite Cornucopias social media community and share us with your friends! If you want to stay up-to-date on all things Cornucopias, be sure to join the Official Cornucopias Discord server for exclusive perks, leaks, and community announcements! 

Thanks for reading…