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Tokenomics & Economy Update

Over the past few years, one of the most requested features that the community has asked about has been the Cornucopias economy. Our community has been desperate to get more information on how our in-game economy connects with the $COPI token, so we wanted to make sure that we got it right from the start. Gaming and crypto each have their own challenges in producing sustainable economies according to their industry conditions. The creative beauty of the Cornucopias economy lies at the intersection between the cryptocurrency’s tokenomics and digital economies in gaming. We’ve been able to bridge the gap between two digital worlds in an effort to find a balanced symbiosis, driven by the community and crafted by industry experts. 

The primary intention of what we’ve designed is to create the optimal gaming experience for all players who enter the Cornucopias universe. To that end, we have put a lot of care into crafting a system that is sustainable, scalable, and avoids repeating the same mistakes as many Web3 games in the industry. We are focused on providing an in-game experience where players can concentrate on gameplay without worrying about a poorly designed economy. 

About Cornucopias (COPI): Cornucopias is a cutting-edge MMO set in a world where humanity has ascended from the earth's surface and created a breathtaking New World in the sky. This fantastical realm consists of floating islands carved from the land that was once home, now encased in advanced dome-shaped structures suspended high above the clouds. Each island is a futuristic marvel with its unique environmental identity and thriving communities. The epic journey begins here as players take control of their own personal Avatar, granting them the freedom to choose their destiny, explore vast landscapes, vibrant settlements, and engage in activities like crafting, commerce, combat, racing, and more. Welcome to a world where the sky is no longer the limit!