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The Future of Video Games: Use Cases for Cornucopias' Metaverse NFTs.

In a world where most NFTs lack legitimate use cases, the utility of Cornucopias’ NFTs actually becomes their primary feature.

In traditional gaming, players repeatedly pay through micro-transactions, subscription fees, DLC packages, and other such money-grabbing mechanisms.

NFT gaming assets provide the exact opposite user experience. Instead of having to repeatedly make in-game purchases to “unlock” game content, only one purchase is required to own an NFT. That ownership unlocks a plethora of perks, rewards, and privileges. Owning an NFT from Cornucopias’ metaverse means you will possess true ownership of an “all-access pass” that unlocks a variety of features and in-game advantages.

As long as the NFT is in your wallet, access to all of your perks can not be canceled. You don’t have to pay membership fees every month, and at any time, you can sell your NFT for a potential profit, trade it with someone else, or stake it for additional rewards. 

SPRINTER MY22 #08000

Moreover, royalties generated by trading volume on secondary marketplaces serve as a passive stream of revenue for Cornucopias Game Studio. This negates the need for tack-on fees, which really means that Cornucopias will forever be a free-to-play, play-to-earn, learn-to-earn, host-to-earn, and build-to-earn metaverse game.

The COPIWatch team now invites you to dig into the use cases for Cornucopias' first edition, limited edition NFT vehicles.

Use Cases for the Bubblejett Sprinter / OG Custom & GTI Javelin.


The first edition Bubblejett Sprinter / Custom OG Bubblejett, and the GTI Javelin are the origin point in a long line of NFT gaming assets that will have tremendous utility within the Cornucopias metaverse. 

However, because they are the first, they will come with a set of exclusive use cases that may not be present in later iterations of Cornucopias’ gaming assets. These include the following:

E-Sports: Racing clubs, leagues, and original content:

Individuals who own one of Cornucopias’ first edition NFTs will have access to a variety of perks. Owners will be admitted into exclusive e-sports clubs, such as racing leagues or teams exclusive to NFT holders. 

Vehicle rarity will be used to determine which clubs owners may join, and in what types of events they can participate. Imagine racing against other NFT owners in the “Legendary Corn Cup” or the “Mythic Corn Cup!” Advanced racing leagues based on NFT rarity will also generate increasingly exclusive prizes for tournament wins. Special esports content will be available to NFT holders and the future could see sponsorships from IRL racing leagues for global tournaments on Cornucopias’ metaverse race tracks!

NFT Pedigrees:

Cornucopias’ NFTs will gain a history of wins, losses, and owners, just like a prizefighter’s record. The longer you hold an NFT and the more wins you accumulate, the more valuable that NFT could potentially become. Some of the traits that will follow any given NFT vehicle around include things like races and cups win/loss percentage, miles driven, fastest speed, total drivers, and total owners. NFT vehicles with an illustrious pedigree owned by famous individuals, like notable YouTubers, or real-world racing champs, will eventually make their way onto the secondary market as extremely desirable metaverse memorabilia.

SPRINTER LE22 #00492

Additionally, it has been suggested by Cornucopias’ CEO, Rob Greig, that these traits will somehow be visible within the game, perhaps as badges floating above characters’ heads. Imagine being gathered around the racing arena with other Cornucopians only to realize that your opponent’s vehicle was once driven by Elon Musk or Charles Hoskinson! Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch — but who knows?

Governance Rights:

A decentralized NFT governance system will empower Cornucopias NFT holders in much the same way a decentralized autonomous organization grants voting rights to governance token holders. NFT holders will be able to help direct the development of the Bubbljett & GTI Javelin NFT projects.

This is an open invitation for the community to help determine details about the next generation of Cornucopias’ NFT vehicles. By holding a first edition NFT, it will be possible to vote on things like use cases, designs, colors, or other important gameplay mechanics of future NFT releases. The final details on how exactly this will work are being formulated now, and COPIWatch will keep you updated.

Official NFT Holder Roles on Cornucopias’ Discord Server:

Our NFT strategists and Discord moderators are working together to create new roles on Cornucopias’ Discord server. At present, these roles will only be available to Cornucopians who hold a first edition Bubblejett Sprinter / Custom OG Bubblejett and GTI Javelin. Future NFT iterations will likely come with related Discord roles. First edition NFT owners who connect their wallet via Discord and complete a verification process will be awarded an official Discord role.

This role will unlock an exclusive channel on the Cornucopias’ Discord server that only NFT vehicle holders will be able to access. This chat will likely serve as the headquarters for the digital gaming asset’s governing body to discuss the project — though these details have yet to be determined. It is possible that in the future, additional permissions will be added to a holder’s Discord role, based on the rarity of the NFT in their wallet.

JAVELIN LE22 #02099

NFT Staking for rewards:

The COPIWatch team cannot fully disclose the details of how staking will work within Cornucopias’ cryptocurrency ecosystem yet. What is known is that first edition NFT vehicle holders will be able to stake their NFTs for rewards, such as in-game currency, corn-based fuel units, and other materials that will be crucial to Cornucopias’ build-to-earn and play-to-earn mechanics. 

How exactly this will work, and what sort of rewards delivery systems will be used has yet to be determined. NFT staking for rewards will serve as a critical element of the project’s overall vision. Our NFT strategists are working closely with our executive team and tokenomics specialist to develop a feasible rewards structure for NFT staking. 

(Editor’s note: our NFT strategists have issued the following clarifications on the information regarding Marketplace Access & Testing Groups below. The COPIWatch team apologizes for any confusion this may have caused you.)

Marketplace Access & Testing Groups:

In combination with Cornucopias’ Discord verification system and proprietary marketplace, ownership of a first edition NFT will provide special access for future mints (specifics will always be in official announcements). This is not to be confused with “whitelisting.” Early access to alpha gameplay testing is guaranteed for all NFT vehicle holders provided you have undergone verification on Discord (this will be based on rarity as stated below).

If you hold a first edition Bubblejett Sprinter, GTI Javelin, or Bubblejett Custom OG, you will be invited to participate in alpha test groups. Access to these groups will be prioritized by NFT vehicle rarity. For instance, if you hold a Legendary or Mythic NFT, you will receive an invitation to participate in alpha gameplay events before individuals who hold a Rare, Uncommon, or Common NFT.

Traveling around Cornucopias’ Metaverse:

The Cornucopias metaverse is enormous. Traveling between your home island bubble and any of the themed zones is going to be a crucial element of the game’s mechanics. Both the Bubblejett Sprinter / Custom OG Bubblejett and GTI Javelin will make traveling from one massive bubble dome to another a thrilling joy ride.

As resource gathering is a central component of Cornucopias’ community-built metaverse, gamers can use their NFT vehicle to transport virtually any digital object from one location to another. Raw materials for crafting NFTs, loot from adventuring, a fashionable new set of NFT clothes or even other Cornucopians can be loaded onto an NFT vehicle and transported to a gamer’s home bubble. 

NFT vehicles will help to shape the full scope of Cornucopias’ build-to-earn and play-to-earn plexuses by giving players the freedom to traverse anywhere, while carrying anything, in Cornucopias’ metaverse.

JAVELIN MY22 #09200

Virtual Entrepreneurship: 

As previously mentioned, transportation is a crucial gameplay element in Cornucopias. A public transit system will be available for players without a vehicle. However, renting a vehicle is another option for getting around the Cornucopias metaverse. Individuals who own NFT vehicles will be able to rent them out to new gamers for a certain fee. Whether this will be paid out in COPI tokens or a different in-game currency is yet to be determined. 

This will benefit new gamers who want to test out an NFT before buying it, as well as racing fanatics who want to practice for a race with someone else’s vehicle to avoid racking up mileage or losses on the pedigree of their vehicle.

However, this is not the only way holders will be able to leverage their NFTs in lucrative virtual business opportunities. Transportation services, such as delivering materials or even players around Cornucopias’ metaverse will also be a possibility. Dealerships that specialize in NFT vehicles with specific traits/pedigree are also realistic metaverse business models. How an NFT vehicle can be put to use as a value-generating virtual business asset is limited only by the gamer’s imagination.

Exclusive NFT Rewards:

These will be NFT airdrops in all but name. While the NFT itself will be free, there will be a small transaction fee associated with the drop. However, the Cornucopias’ team can drop virtually anything as an NFT reward for holding a first edition Bubblejett Sprinter or GTI Javelin. 

According to Rob Greig, Cornucopias’ CEO, this perk will work best paired with an in-game reward system. For example, if a player wins 100 races using their NFT, then they would be able to claim an achievement badge specific to their vehicle’s rarity as an NFT reward. 


It is completely within the realm of possibility for a holder to one day wake up and find a brand new NFT reward from the Cornucopias team waiting in their wallet. 

In-game performance specs.

All of Cornucopias’ NFT vehicles possess different performance specs that will directly affect how they operate within the game. However, Cornucopias’ racing tournaments will be class-based, which puts the racing advantage directly in the gamer’s hands. It doesn’t matter which vehicle you’re driving, what matters is how you use it to leverage your driving style and rack up tournament wins!

Are you more focused on power and speed, or do you have a preference for handling and precision? No matter what your driving style is, there will eventually be a Cornucopias NFT vehicle for you.

For now, the following specs will apply to the Bubblejett Sprinter, GTI Javelin, and Custom OG Bubblejett models specifically:

Top Speed: Indicates how fast the vehicle can go when pushed to its absolute limit. However, top speed isn’t everything. Players would be wise to consider a vehicle’s handling and acceleration statistics in combination with top speed in order to gain an advantage. 

Acceleration: Determines how quickly the vehicle reaches its top speed. Vehicles with a high acceleration rate will be able to go head to head with vehicles that have a higher top speed, thus allowing for a more balanced gaming experience.

Handling: This stat governs how easy it is to control a vehicle while in use. Models like the GTI Javelin will be slightly harder to control than vehicles like the Bubblejett Sprinter. This will require that gamers exercise a certain level of finesse to gain an advantage during a race.

Efficiency: This refers to a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Some vehicles will be more fuel-efficient than others. Gamers will have to decide whether they want to acquire racing vehicles or vehicles intended for transporting cargo back and forth between their home island bubble and other parts of the metaverse. Or both.


Cargo: A vehicle’s carrying capacity. There will be resources throughout the Cornucopias metaverse, such as wood, metals, and fabrics that will need to be hauled from one location to another. Performance vehicles like the GTI Javelin are limited in carrying capacity. Eventually, large vehicles capable of carrying industrial-sized loads will be available as NFTs.

Final Note

It is important to note that Cornucopias’ NFTs are being released in sync with what will be available to test during alpha gameplay. As a Cornucopias NFT holder, you will play a key role in helping to create this paradigm shift in the history of gaming! Consider this your official invitation to the future of gaming. 

And don’t forget: a Cardano native COPI token is now available on Minswap.org!