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Cornucopias founders Josh Jones and Rob Greig appear in a weekly show to discuss everything going on with the Cornucopias team. Topics covered include partnership announcements, digital asset sale details, roadmap updates, special guests, general industry topics and development leaks. Premiering on YouTube every Friday afternoon, it’s the best place to get all of the latest developments happening in the world of Cornucopias.

MARKETING UPDATE! | Copi Cafe 69 | Cornucopias

In this episode, our co-CEOs, Josh Jones and Rob Greig, bring you an action-packed lineup. They kick things off by diving into their insights from NFTxLV and explore the recent game-changing update from Unreal Engine 5.1 to 5.3.1. They don't stop there; they also delve into the launch of Calido Valley Raceway. As the episode unfolds, they provide a comprehensive overview of our upcoming Marketing initiatives, giving you a sneak peek at what's in store. To top it off, they shed light on some use cases for Cornucopias Nodes. 00:00 Beverage Choices 03:50 NFTxLV 07:01 UE5.3.1 09:14 Calido Valley Raceway Launch 10:15 Marketing 21:38 Nodes As promised in the Episode, here is the link for the Dev Update Showcase Video: Cornucopias is an MMORPG Metaverse game accessible through multiple platforms and created on Unreal Engine 5. The vision is to bring freedom, power, autonomy and new economics to the player. Our ambition is to create a cutting-edge metaverse experience through immersive gameplay, an exciting story, exceptional artwork and innovative economics. The Cornucopias Metaverse is a network of floating bubbles and domes, each with diverse themes and characteristics. Here, players of all ages can engage in a series of mini-games and explore vast landscapes in search of precious resources which can be crafted into valuable items.

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