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Cornucopias founders Josh Jones and Rob Greig appear in a weekly show to discuss everything going on with the Cornucopias team. Topics covered include partnership announcements, digital asset sale details, roadmap updates, special guests, general industry topics and development leaks. Premiering on YouTube every Friday afternoon, it’s the best place to get all of the latest developments happening in the world of Cornucopias.

MYTHIC SUNSHINE | Copi Cafe 66 | Cornucopias

In this episode Co-CEOs Rob Greig and Josh Jones discuss the Magic Hour Build, Plans for NFTxLV, and Token Riot. Next, they bring back Creative Director David to get the low down on the next release, Mythic Sunshine, and much much more. You'll want to re-play this section several times. They continue by revealing that a new team member has just been added, before answering Community Questions. 00:00 Beverage Choices 03:41 Magic Hour Build 07:55 NFTLV 10:40 Token Riot 13:16 David Guest Appearance 16:34 Mythic Sunshine 26:42 New Team Member 27:12 Community Questions Scruffy, Josh & Rob Live Stream of Magic Hour: Experience the limitless possibilities in Cornucopias—a next-generation, free-to-play MMORPG currently in early access, powered by Unreal Engine 5. Immerse yourself in an expansive, sky-high, post-apocalyptic world that exists in an alternate universe parallel to Earth. This rich experience offers an unprecedented mix of exploration, adventure, survival, combat, racing, aerial gameplay, building, and commerce—all wrapped in breathtaking visuals. Join us in crafting a world where your imagination is the only limit. Welcome to the future of gaming—welcome to Cornucopias.

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