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Cornucopias founders Josh Jones and Rob Greig appear in a weekly show to discuss everything going on with the Cornucopias team. Topics covered include partnership announcements, digital asset sale details, roadmap updates, special guests, general industry topics and development leaks. Premiering on YouTube every Friday afternoon, it’s the best place to get all of the latest developments happening in the world of Cornucopias.

Quantum Monsters | Copi Cafe 65 | Cornucopias

Welcome to another episode of Copi Cafe. Today, we have an exciting lineup for you, featuring a special guest. To begin, our Co-CEOs Rob Greig and Josh Jones will share some highlights from the recent Rare Evo Convention. They'll also provide updates on testing phases and hint at what's to come regarding game access. Following that, we have an insightful conversation with David, the Creative Director of Cornucopias. He will discuss various game elements, such as racing dynamics, character animations, and inventory systems. And, for those looking for exclusive content, he'll offer a special sneak peek as well. To round off the episode, David will address questions from our community. All in all, it's an episode filled with valuable insights and updates you'll likely want to hear. 00:00 Intro & Beverage Choices 03:36 Rare Evo Recap 17:40 Testing Update 22:06 Special Guest - David Creative Director Cornucopias 26:00 David - Racing Update 31:30 David - Character Animation 39:00 David - Inventory 41:20 David - Leaks??? 44:00 Community Questions Cornucopias is an open world MMORPG, developed on UE5, is in early access currently. The world of Cornucopias is a vast experience set in a post apocalyptic world, set in the sky, in an alternate universe's version of Earth. Cornucopias pushes boundaries using all the latest Unreal Engine tech including Nanite and Lumen. Players can expect to experience a wide area of game mechanics including survival, racing, flight, exploration, combat, building, mining, economy, and gathering--as they go about the world with their own created avatar.

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